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The Pre-IB program at EMIS is a one-year program for students in grade 10 who aspire to join the IB Diploma Program in years 11 and 12. It is a skill-based program that develops a variety of approaches to learning of each student such as: thinking, communication, self-management, research, and social skills. Each course teaches key concepts and provides experiential learning opportunities for each learner. Experienced IB teachers design each course and use a personalized approach to help support a growth mindset and develop self-efficacy in each student. All subjects are taught in English, and students are encouraged to develop their English language proficiency with an individualized approach. In every course of the Pre-IB program, students will work collaboratively with their peers from all over the world, and in doing so, develop intercultural understanding and respect. Students live on campus, interact with peers from over 50 countries, with diverse cultures, religions and world views and take part in the unique social and academic opportunities EMIS offers. This environment promotes tolerance, cross- cultural understanding and empathy, which complements the academically challenging courses offered at EMIS. Passing to the IB Diploma Program is conditional and based upon the end of year exams of the Pre-IB program, overall performance and effort and, ultimately the decision of the pedagogy team.


Course Offerings


All students will take either a Math Core or Math Advanced course. Upon arrival, a placement exam will determine which level is appropriate for each student. 


All students will take either an English Core, English Intermediate, or English Literature course.

All of our courses include the development of speaking, listening, reading, and writing English skills. Upon arrival, a placement exam will determine which level is appropriate for each student. 

Science & Humanities:

Student choice and course selection is an essential part of being a student of the Pre-Ib program at EMIS. Your learning journey begins with choosing from our academic offerings in both science and humanities education.  Students in the Pre-IB program choose at least 4 of the following 6 courses on offer:

Science Courses:

Students will be given the choice between four options. Learners with a deep interest in the sciences can choose up to three courses.  


This course will focus upon concepts from biology and chemistry, including cell and atom theory, Human physiology, genetics, chemical bonding & reactions, biochemistry, & organic chemistry, as well as environmental science and specifically the impact of the environment on the human body and society.  


This course will focus upon concepts from physics including kinematics, and electricity. Students will use scientific data tracking and practice data analysis.  

Computer Science: 

This course offers an initial introduction to simple game design and then develops further into developing coding and programming outside of a set gamified environment.  

Environmental systems and societies (ESS):

This is an interdisciplinary course that allows students with no previous background in the sciences to explore the interrelationships between environmental systems and societies. It combines awareness of local and global environmental concerns with an understanding of the scientific methods and allows students to evaluate the scientific, ethical, and socio-political aspects of pressing environmental issues.

Humanities Courses  

Students will be given the choice between two options in the humanities. Learners with a deep interest in the humanities can choose both.  

World Religions:  

This course will examine explore the interaction between politics and world religions, as well as the development of various world religions and their cultural implications. The course explores the concepts of belief, ideology, ethics, and spirituality.  

 Global Politics:   

This course is designed for students who are curious about the contemporary world and want to explore a variety of political themes from different societies and the political issues that affect their lives. The course explores the concepts of power, sovereignty, legitimacy, peace, and violence through a case study approach.  

Mission Class   

This course will help develop the changemaker capacities of each student and will help them integrate a stronger alignment with our school mission. 

French 101 

This course will be a one semester introductory course to the French language. It will help develop each learner’s capacity to learn a new language; a skill expected of students continuing the IBDPP program.  

Both of these courses will take place on a rotation basis meaning that students will take part in either course in semester 1 or semester 2 of the Pre-IB one year program.  

Extra-Curricular Activities: 

All students will be required to participate in the same CAS program on offer to our IBDP Students and choose a creative pursuit, such as dance or art, an athletic activity, such as sports and fitness, or a service.