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The IB Visual art course is a magical enriching journey of 2 years, which educates for  a deep, creative and varied thinking, and encourage general artistic growth as well as personal artistic development.

We in EMIS see the role of Art as a major bridge between cultures-religions-languages-countries, which may impact and leave a mark on the current environment and the individual.

This program is an engagement package of the Theoretical practice, Art-making practice and Curatorial practice that are related and linked to each other. During the course we visit museums and galleries, we follow street art, meet with major local contemporary artists and curators, and practice a wide varity of media and techniques.

This is an exciting journey for life!

Art Trips

Art trips are a chance for students to explore the artistic surroundings of the cities that have been surrounding them during their academic journey. The last Art Trip took place in Haifa, our students visited a famous Art Village, Ein Hod Artist Village. 

They met incredible artists who showed them their different techniques and shared their stories. They met artists who use old books as their only medium, artists who make commercial jewelry and spoke about making a living out of art, and saw several types of sculptures, constructions, and art pieces. In the village, art was not only in studios but all around. 

They visited the Haifa Art Museum, where they had a DADA Movement workshop, a chance for them to express their creativity and follow the steps of the creators of DADA art.

Lastly, they explored an ancient and useful type of medium: press-on art. With an engaging workshop, students created their own press-on prototypes that can create endless art pieces with a press-on machine.

Photography in Lockdown

Isolating at home project – April 2020

Creativity beyond lockdown

Art trip to Jerusalem

Art students from EMIS in both DP1 and DP2 recently visited Jerusalem to see different styles of local and international art, as well as meet practicing artists and learn of their artistic techniques, inspirations, and messages. Our first stop in Jerusalem was at the Beita Gallery, where there was an exhibit of the magnificent work […]

EMIS Art Class meeting the artist Dani Karavan

On Friday morning, 20th September, the art class of EMIS arrived to Gordon Gallery in Tel Aviv to visit the latest exhibition of the most famous Israel sculpture, 89 years old Dani Karavan. We met Dani, energetic and active, who took us through his world of wonders and shared with us his youthful spirit and […]