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“Welcome” is the word you will hear most at EMIS. We will be delighted to answer any of your questions and guide you through the application process. Our application is entirely online. Click on the buttons above whether you want to apply for a place, or if you are simply interested in finding out more information. We are always here to help if you have any questions or would like to arrange an online chat please click here

As a boarding school, we know that all children are different and would ideally like to meet you and your child, allow you to experience the school and get to know you all so that we fully understand your needs. However, we have students from over 40 countries already studying with us, so we know that it isn’t always easy to come and visit the school. This is why we have created a process where you can find out everything you need to know about the school from our website.

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We look forward to welcoming you.
Maya Kogan-Elias, Director of Admissions | [email protected]

Our Mission:

Making education a force for peace and sustainability in the Middle East

EMIS is an international high school in Israel for students from all over the world who live and study together. Our student body comprises students from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern regions, along with students from around the globe. Our academic curriculum follows the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The social and educational EMIS experience teaches diversity, dialogue and the value of peace. EMIS also teaches respect for the environment and promotes sustainability as a way of life.

Our Vision

EMIS cultivates personal leadership, entrepreneurship, community involvement and social impact—all the skills our students and graduates need to take a stand for a better world for us and our children.

Our School

• Students may choose or combine two available tracks: the one-year Pre-DP and the two-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (10th-12th grade).

• Our students come from different backgrounds: 20% are from Israel, 20% are from Palestine and Arab countries, and 60% are from 50 other countries around the world.

• Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Admission is based on merit. Full and partial scholarships are available and granted on a sliding scale.

• EMIS draws on Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit and teaches students the skills required to pursue entrepreneurial projects linked to peace and sustainability.


Oded Rose Founder

When I was 16 I was fortunate to have an incredible two-year experience at an international boarding school in Canada. We were 3-4 from the Middle East among 200 students from 80 countries. I realized how the power of education, and more so a total immersion in this international community, can develop a deep sense of appreciation for other people from different backgrounds and even across conflicts, such as we unfortunately have here in the Middle East and in many other parts of the world. I came back to Israel and had a long career in the local high-tech industry. But all along I kept dreaming of bringing my experience to our region. Through the collaboration with many who supported this endeavor and overcoming numerous challenges we opened EMIS in September 2014 with a strong class representing over 30 nationalities and with 40% of the students from the Middle East. EMIS allows its students to get to know each other in quite a neutral setting, build bridges while offering opportunities they could not have before. EMIS is a platform for change, for entrepreneurship, for peace, sustainability, for dreams and for hope. I want to thank our courageous students and their families, our incredible staff and our many supporters for making this dream a reality.

Hadas GottliebPrincipal

I hope you are enjoying your tour of our website. There is much to say and much to learn about our unique school. But, honestly, it is impossible to fully know what EMIS is without being a part of it, because EMIS is defined by its people. The school for change is itself ever-changing, constantly shaped the students and staff who are the driving force of our community. You too will have your own impact on EMIS once you become part of our school. My main role as a director at EMIS is to create opportunities for learning and growth, and to learn and grow with you. Because we wish for each member of our community to have the ability to change reality in school and beyond, we aim for a flexible and open atmosphere. Neither you nor I can know exactly how you will experience EMIS, because it is up to you to decide for yourself how to use the special opportunities here. I can only promise you that we will be welcoming you with open arms and curiosity about the way you are going to change our school. With genuine faith in your power to lead and change, I warmly invite you to try and join us.

Dr. Kobi Naveh (Sisco) CEO of EMIS and Hakfar Hayarok

My life became intertwined with this beautiful campus in 1968. I arrived at Hakfar Hayarok as a high school student myself, and since then I have held many positions here. For the past 15 years, I have served as the General Director of this wonderful educational village that hosts EMIS. Hakfar Hayarok has come a long way since it was founded in 1950 to give young immigrants the farming skills needed in those days. Now, we teach the young students of today the crafts of tomorrow and provide them with the exceptional education and skills they need to become future leaders. I am immensely proud of our 2500 current students; high academic achievers and environmental leaders who showcase their skills in tournaments and competitions worldwide, travel to exchange programs in 25 countries, and achieve 100% success in their matriculation. Four years ago, we were joined by Oded Rose, and set out to open an international school on campus. The result is EMIS, the Eastern Mediterranean International School. We are deeply committed to academic excellence, extracurricular enrichment and the environment on both local and global levels here at Hakfar Hayarok– and EMIS fits right in with our vision of innovation, initiative, and the courage to dream. We envision education as we do the environment: nurturing from the roots up, for sustainable growth and branches that will transcend borders. Along with myself, the management, teachers, parents, and of course, the students, we are committed to spreading this light, doing good and expanding our unique microcosm into a model for a better tomorrow for everyone.

Ben Devash Boarding Director

A warm welcome to boarding at EMIS Hakfar Hayarok. Set in a "green village" in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, our campus offers the perfect green oasis for your child to flourish in our care. As director of boarding, I am dedicated to offering an outstanding environment for your child to benefit from our dedicated and professional team 24 hours a day. We are committed to giving every student a sense of home and security and helping your sons and daughters prepare for the challenges they face, both inside and outside the classroom. You and they can expect a supportive and nurturing environment where everyone is treated as an individual and inspired to explore their potential. With our team support and encouragement, each student will be given the opportunity to realize what they are truly capable of. I have been at Hakfar Hayarok since I was 16 years old. I began as a student, progressed to a social guide, a teacher and I have been the boarding director of EMIS from the beginning. In addition to my experience as a boarder and a staff member at school, I spread my passion for nature and the environment. I lead projects in the field and encourage students to love all my animals.

Our Teachers

Maya Kogan-Elias

Director of Admissions & Marketing
[email protected]

Hannah Lang

Math Teacher, Mentor
[email protected]

Daniel Saffar

[email protected]

Jonathan Morley

[email protected]

Dr. Reit Gerlitz

Science Coordinator
[email protected]

Sami Meyer

Math Teacher
[email protected]

Rebecca Rubin

Science Pre-IB
[email protected]

Lindsey Zemler

Sustainability Coordinator
[email protected]

Hannah Wenger

IB Coordinator
Language Coordinator English & EE Coordinator
[email protected]

Dr. Zoltan Veres

Global Politics, Philosophy, TOK, Mentor
[email protected]

Rhiannon Amosi

[email protected]

Chen Ben-David

Social Worker
[email protected]

Elinor Indich-Vaisman

[email protected]

Gil Sher

Math teacher
[email protected]

Talia Aviva Rosen

Social Worker
[email protected]

Jaime Nieman

Pre-DP coordinator
[email protected]

Rachelle Schillo

Director of Development [email protected]

Jason Levi

[email protected]

Lisha Roach

University Counselor
[email protected]

Shlomit Kanfi

Art Coordinator, Mentor
[email protected]

Denise Zaidman

Spanish Teacher
[email protected]

Gal Shuchet

School Counselor
[email protected]

Yael Benkel

Administrative & Finance Manager [email protected]

Dr. Irit Shenas

[email protected]

Shelli Wild

Math Coordinator, Mentor
[email protected]

Chaim Ballin

Math, Mentor
[email protected]

Noam Yanai

Computer Science
Maths, TOK coordinator
[email protected]

Einav Eshel Shani-

Dance, TOK
[email protected]

Emily Rothman

Admissions Team
[email protected]

Einat Kuperberg Hari

Hebrew, Mentor
[email protected]

Omri Cohen

English, Self taught
[email protected]

Dan Shalev

ESS & Sustainability
[email protected]

Asma Abu-Libda

[email protected]

Julie Elencweig

Math, Mentor
[email protected]

Dr. Bob Roach

[email protected]

Nina Wassermna

EE, History, English B
Mentor DP1
[email protected]

Boarding Staff

Mor Gal On

Deputy Director of Boarding
Pre-DP Social Guide
[email protected]

Maayan Agmon

DP1 Social Guide
[email protected]

Ava Lantzman

DP1 Social Guide
[email protected]

Meitar Soref

DP1 Social Guide
[email protected]

Emmanuel Lam

DP2 Social Guide
[email protected]

Positions and Openings

We're accepting applications for a math teacher maternity cover for the academic year 2021-22. EMIS hires licensed high school teachers, preferably with IB experience.
If you would like to submit your CV to the school, please email our IB coordinator Ms. Wenger at [email protected]
EMIS accepts applications from recent high school graduates, current college students or anyone that wishes to engage with the mission of EMIS to assist in the Admissions, Marketing and Development Office.
Please email Maya Kogan at [email protected] with your CV and a letter of motivation.
The Eastern Mediterranean International School
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Location & Facilities

Hakfar Hayarok (Hebrew for The Green Village) is a youth village and an education center. Within short driving distance from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramallah, it is a green haven in the midst of the bustling Sharon region in central Israel. Founded in 1950, Hakfar Hayarok started as a socialistic youth village for teaching agriculture to young Israelis and immigrants. It has since grown to be a premier educational center with one of Israel’s leading high schools, teaching ground-breaking programs focused on personal leadership, environmental studies, and involvement in the community. 

Hakfar Hayarok (Hebrew for The Green Village) is a youth village and an education center. Within short driving distance from Tel Aviv.


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