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The Charney Resolution Center

The Charney Resolution Center is an innovative space dedicated to both the history and the future of diplomacy, embodying the spirit of Mr. Leon Charney, esteemed philanthropist and Middle East negotiator. Our center provides training in the art of negotiation and mediation through lectures, film screenings, and workshops for students in Israel and all around the world. Our vision is to motivate people, mainly youth, to pursue world peace and conflict resolution with the help of tools such as learning to know the needs of others, negotiation processes, and communication.

The Charney Resolution Center

The Charney Resolution Center, well known as the CRC, is a non-profit organization that was founded by Ms. Tzili Doron, as inspired by his late husband Dr.Leon Charney. Dr. Leon Charney was a Jewish American philanthropist and media personality who was one of the influential backdoor players in sealing the Camp David Treaty of 1978/79. Tzili established the CRC in 2015 as an innovative space dedicated to the history and the future of diplomacy, conflict resolution, and peace especially among youth in the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

The mission of the Charney Resolution Center is to motivate youth to pursue world peace and conflict resolution through learning tools that assist them with negotiation processes, empathy, and creative arts. The CRC encourages young people to be active peace-seekers and apply the principles of non-violent communication to settle disputes in their communities.

The CRC provides training in the art of negotiation and mediation through workshops, lectures, film screenings, and mediation courses for students in Israel and all around the world. The current headquarter for the CRC is at the Eastern Mediterranean International School, HaKfar Hayarok, Israel.

CRC Ambassador Program

The Charney Resolution Center (CRC) Ambassador Program is a program that seeks to build a network of EMIS alumni and youth from around the world and a chance to use our international platform to make a difference in their communities.

We strive to serve as a platform for partnerships with young ambassadors from around the world who have or wish to initiate projects in fields that are related to the mission of the center such as open communication, peace-making processes, exposing voices of minorities, and such. 

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Meet some of our Ambassadors:

The peace simulations hosted annually by the Charney Resolution Center is an initiative taken to help introduce the EMIS students to the Palestinian Israeli conflict and give them an insight to all of its complexities. Moreover, it also gives them a chance to be a part of a delegation that will negotiate and brainstorm together different ways the conflict can be solved through tools and a format of negotiation originally invented by Leon Charney during the Camp David Accords. After long sessions of discussions, different resolutions are presented in a closing ceremony. This initiative is very important to EMIS, since it is parallel to the mission of the school, and to many students it’s a particular highlight of their EMIS journey.

Peace Simulation at Haifa University

In cooperation with Minds of Peace, The University of Haifa hosted the largest Israeli-Palestinian student congress ever held in the region in partnership with the Charney Resolution Center. Some 150 Israeli and Palestinian university and high school students gathered on campus to ‘negotiate’ peaceful solutions to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Students conducted negotiation role-play simulations to build mutual trust, end violence, and come up with creative solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Internship at the Charney Resolution Center

The Charney Resolution Center offers internships to a limited number of youths, including EMIS alumni who wish to contribute and collaborate with our various endeavors in our office in Israel, located in the EMIS Campus or the headquarters in New York.​ Learn more about our interns this year via the Charney Website.

“In the light of EMIS’ and the Leon Charney Resolution Center’s mission, it makes sense that the school decided to implement mediation. With the younger generation of Israelis and Palestinians, a demographic that was widely represented in our mediation group, it is imperative that they are exposed to alternative methods of conflict resolution. As of now, we as the students are initiating a mediation service in our school for
any of our peers who seek guidance and help. The course was led by Tzurit Yehuda, an
extremely knowledgeable and engaging educator. From active listening to guidance, there were many important concepts and techniques that we touched upon. In the end, we were well equipped with all of the techniques that will help us all become successful mediators.”

— Long Hai Tran

FAU Charney Diplomacy Program

The National Model United Nations Conference is a competition in which university students from all over the United States come together for a weekend and simulate the UN. This happens around three times a year: Once in Washington DC, once in New York City, and once abroad. This year, in DC, Noa Hirsh, EMIS Class of 2022,  participated in the competition as part of the Florida Atlantic University. Charney is one of FAU’s supporters, giving the opportunity for EMIS Alumni to take part in such an amazing event. 

Charney Media Youtube

Click here to access the Charney Media YouTube, where podcasts and interviews with important figures on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are held weekly!

Alongside Minds of Peace, CRC organized a musical event hosted by OzenBar in Tel Aviv that consisted of shows by a Palestinian band and an Israeli- Arab band from Jerusalem, and finally a joint jam ensemble open to the public. People from both sides of the region and the conflict shared a mutual passion- their love for music and expression.

Umm al-Fahm Art Gallery

EMIS Visual Arts students set out on their last art trip for the year accompanied by their teacher Shlomit Kanfi to Umm Al-Fahem Art Museum. They learned that this museum was one of a kind, and the core of existence lies beneath the fact that there is a lack of art galleries within the Arab community. The students got a tour of the museum, the chance to meet one of the artists that had her art displayed, and lastly, they got to get crafty in a clay modeling and a monoprint workshop.