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CAS Activities

The EMIS CAS program places students at the center of their own learning experiences, allowing them to discover for themselves what passions motivate them, where their strengths lie, what weaknesses they have to overcome and what gives them a real sense of purpose in this world. (...)

CAS Activities

The EMIS CAS program places students at the center of their own learning experiences, allowing them to discover for themselves what passions motivate them, where their strengths lie, what weaknesses they have to overcome and what gives them a real sense of purpose in this world. Here at EMIS, we believe fully in our mission of Making Education a Force for Sustainability and Peace in the Middle East, and this is embedded throughout our CAS curriculum, particularly in the service element, where students are exposed to local issues in the community and take the initiative to create volunteering opportunities for themselves and their peers. Our students’ commitment to volunteer in under-privileged communities demonstrates the use of education as a way of improving the life of others. CAS is an inseparable part of both EMIS and the IB programs, providing an important counterbalance to the academic pressures of the DP. It is designed to enhance the development of students in their personal and interpersonal growth by learning through experience. Meaningful CAS experiences not only develop personal skills and competencies, but also contribute to communities. As CAS is an individual-based program. Students choose their own activities and projects, according to their interests, aspirations, and preferences.

What does CAS stand for?​

Creativity – Experiences that encompass original thinking, including artistic activities and other learning and teaching experiences. The activities are: Green Blitz Start Up, Cooking Club, Arabic Dance, EMIS Band, Storytelling, Hebrew Culture Club, EMIS Blog, Marketing Group, Math Club, Movie Club, Model United Nations, Peer-to-Peer Instrument Learning, Photography Club, Science in Action, Arabic club, Mixer & Dance and more.

Activity – Experiences that contribute to a healthy lifestyle through participation in individual or team sports, as well as any other activity involving physical challenge. The activities are: Volleyball, Basketball, Hip Hop, Running Club, Football, Gym Club, Mixer Dance, Pilates and more​

Service – Experiences that involve interaction with individuals or groups for the benefit of the community. These experiences should contribute to others at the same time as developing a deep commitment with others to a shared cause. The activities are: Academic Committee, Animal Welfare, Announcement Team Committee Leaders, EMIS Leadership academy, Cultural Committee, Green Team- Sustainability Team, Green Team, Learning Center, Peer Support, YOCOPAS, Peace Simulation and more.​

CASs for 2022-2023

Storytelling and Creative Writing
One hour of creating intimate arts per week, where the creators have complete freedom to let poetry and stories flow.
This gives the students a chance to learn about positive marketing and branding for the school and its community to enhance our mission statement and the work we do here.​
Model United Nations (MUN)​
MUN is a well-known global program which simulates United Nations scenarios. Participants develop skills including public speaking, debate, leadership and teamwork, while gaining a wider perspective about the world and current affairs. Members of this CAS activity will develop creative solutions to world issues, discuss matters of global importance and envision ways to make our future brighter. The EMIS MUN teams have won best delegation of 2016, 2017 and 2018 and received two honorable mentions and four best delegates at TIMEMUN. They also participate in the Rosary MUN Conference in Jerusalem.
Music and Band
Students have a chance to be part of an ensemble where they get to play different genres of music. Led by professional musicians on the school campus, they regularly perform at events such as the opening ceremony for the Art Exhibition, ShowCASe! and Performing Arts evenings.​
Asian CAS
Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Peace Course
The ESP course is partnered with the Peace and Negotiation course at Tel Aviv University as well as other external leaders to promote the development of peace and sustainability in the Middle East. All EMIS students join this CAS.
Latin CAS
American Sign Language
Come have fun and learn American Sign Language ! ASL is a CAS that teaches students all about the ASL language as well as the Deaf/HOH community and culture.
Hebrew CAS
Arabic CAS
Through photography, your unique worldview, ideas, identity can be shared.
In Psychology CAS, we talk about such psychological topics as procrastination, happiness, brain structure, and many others. We believe that for studying psychology it’s important to know how to analyze experiments and lead them, that’s why we are going to make a psychological experiment together and expand our knowledge.
Video Editing
In collaboration with the Marketing activity, we will discuss what video shots to use, and during the CAS hour, we will make compelling, and unique videos for the EMIS TV channel and even for the Instagram and Facebook profiles. We will learn together how to use and edit captivating and engaging videos with good video editing software.
Kpop Dance
Outdoor Games
Peace Simulation
The Peace Simulation is among the Charney Resolution Centre’s greatest projects in EMIS. It is the annual conference where students ) model negotiations between Israel and Palestine concerning the 6 major issues; Jerusalem, Gaza, Water resources, Refugees, Security and Borders. The Peace Simulation CAS consists of 5 members who get to plan for the conference hand in hand with the CRC
Build For Change (robotics)
Student Council
Sports Committee
The overseer committee of all sports CAS-es in EMIS, uniting groups and sports through tournaments and engagements in sportive events and activities.
House of Human Rights
STEPS Of Change
STEPS of Change is a youth-led initiative that aims to contribute to the educational lives of both refugees and disadvantaged students in conflict zones to make a positive change in their lives by teaching them English. The first ‘step’ will be with students in West Bank and Gaza.
Animal CAS
Project Oasis
Green Team
Afro CAS
Too Talk To Handle
YOCOPAS Committee
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