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Green Up​

Green Up is an education and awareness program run by EMIS in the Green Village. We promote youth to engage in environmental activism and advocacy, and further the EMIS mission to use education as a force for peace and sustainability in the Middle East.

Environmental Activism & Advocacy

The Green Up program is a platform for students to engage in critical issues and find their role as changemakers. We affect change within the EMIS community, within the Green Village, and apply our knowledge and skills to have a wider impact. The students themselves play a primary role in catalyzing change, engaging the community, and mobilizing their peers. The Green Up program has expanded to become an effective platform for students and staff to go beyond themselves and work towards local and global sustainability.  


Student Leadership: Green Team and Sustainability Ambassadors​

Our students are the heart of the Green Up program activities, as they develop themselves as catalysts for change. Students become involved from every angle, including classroom activities, individual projects, IB-related research, and their CAS activities.

The central group is the “Green Team,” a student-led CAS that promotes sustainable initiatives on campus. The Green Team leaders are elected each year, promote their personal interests. The leaders work together with the “Sustainability Ambassadors,” who take a role in promoting the EMIS mission.  

Education and Community Action​​

Outside of class, EMIS provides many opportunities to raise awareness on environmental issues – we bring guest speakers and workshop facilitators on topics such as permaculture, storytelling for environmental activism, conservation, and more.

We learn by doing: our activities are often hands-on, such as growing food from kitchen scraps, building garden furniture from upcycled wooden pallets, and taste-testing organic v. non-organic food products!​

Global Identity

We know that modern environmental issues are not only local or global. Everything we do at EMIS, we aim to share, to take part in the global conversation on solving problems that we all face in different contexts. We produce media and content to share online, host events that will reach a wider audience, and are building a base for a wider youth network. Our ability to make a global impact comes from the special diversity of our group – we live and breath the reality of cross-cultural communication, understanding and finding shared values, and knowing that as a team we can make a bigger impact. 

EMIS at the 2022 Tel Aviv People's Climate March

Attending Tel Aviv’s People Climate March is a yearly tradition at EMIS, it is an amazing way to show activism and sustainability in practice. Our students had a poster-making session at the school, with the liberty to write down what they wanted to advocate for on re-used cardboard. EMIS students lead and participate in campaigns and actions and grow as environmental leaders and activists. In recent years they have participated in local actions with Plastic-Free Israel, Green Course (Megama Yeruka), the Israeli Bike Association, and more!  

Green Hub

The Green Hub is a hands-on projects area on campus, where students can put ideas into action. It includes organic garden beds, a tree nursery, a hydroponic system, a biogas for creating renewable energy, furniture built from upcycled wood, beehives, and is a habitat for various species. 

Modern Environmental Challenges

Our planet faces unprecedented challenges, including the rate of climate change, depletion of natural resources, and decrease in biodiversity. As an educational institution, we have the opportunity to model sustainable living to take our part in lowering our environmental impact.  

Derech Dvash - Bee Ambassadors Program

Our project is in three parts; ambassadorship, public outreach, and creating a model of a “honey highway” in the Green Village, the youth village where our school is located. We are distributed wildflower seed packets with special instructions (how, where and when to plant, and of course, why!) so that the public can be aware and take part in creating more areas where bees can pollinate in their own neighborhoods. We will also organize special planting events with children, to encourage the planting and ensure that the young generation knows the importance of wildflowers, especially of a certain kind. Furthermore, in the Spring we will create our own “honey hotel/insect hotel” made of earthen and natural materials with one of Israeli’s leading bee experts, as a special stop on our “honey highway.” It is important to create landmarks with signs and information for the public to learn more about why we should continue to create and protect habitats for bees and insects.

Protecting Biodiversity: Animal Care and Rehabilitation

The Green Village cooperates with the Nature and Parks Authority of Israel to take part in animal rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Students participate in training and activities to learn to care for animals, both domestic and wildlife, and about the importance of protecting species and their habitats.

Climate Forests

Deforestation is a global issue – taking care of forests, and planting trees in the right way is very important. We cooperate with the Good Energy Initiative, a local NGO, on a climate forest project to promote tree-planting projects that are ecologically and socially beneficial.

In Spring 2022,  EMIS was selected as an awardee for the SIPP Mini-Grant.  

The SIPP mission is to support projects that engage Israeli and Palestinian communities working to further common environmental and other interests, and to build meaningful connections between people in the United States and Israeli and Palestinian communities involved in these efforts.  

The joint ambassadorship benefitted three students directly, and the entire student body indirectly. The three students were Israeli, Palestinian and international (Ukraine) and represent the issues of peacebuilding and environmental sustainability at the school. As ambassadors, they promoted awareness and cultural approaches to changemaking alongside students from both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  

EMIS continued the program in 2023, adding three more students as ambassadors. 

The Beracha Foundation is a critical supporter of EMIS as increase our effectiveness as regional influencers in the field of sustainability in the Middle East. Beracha allows EMIS the ability to not only to educate our own students, but to create a model for education at a school that can be replicated elsewhere in the region. With Beracha’s assistance, EMIS is developing as a role model, hub and network leader to youth-led changes.

The EMIS Green Up Program would not exist without their generous support. 


Want to partner with us?

Are you a school, organization, individual (or other) that would like to collaborate with us? We are open to cooperation that will support a mutual agenda for environmental sustainability, peace and social good. Please contact: Lindsey Zemler, Sustainability Coordinator @[email protected]