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Environmental Sustainability


The EMIS environmental sustainability program, known as Green Up, focuses on education and awareness, activism and promoting sustainability, as outlined in the EMIS mission. Our planet faces unprecedented challenges such as climate change, depletion of natural resources, and threatened biodiversity. The Green Up program is a launching point for students to engage in these critical issues, first starting within the EMIS community and then using their knowledge and skills to make a wider impact around the world. The Green Team, a student-run organization, in cooperation with the Green Up program, leads the way in creating opportunities for all students to get involved. 

Today, with thanks to the Beracha Foundation, Green Up has expanded to become an effective platform for students, staff and associates of MEIS and the Green Village (Hakfar hayarok) to contribute to environmental sustainability from the local to global context.


Green Up Mission and Vision

Green Up was born from the shared motivation of EMIS and the Green Village to increase local sustainable practices and contribute to a more sustainable global future. The location of our school at the Green Village, in the Center of Israels sets a context for understanding important issues such as agriculture and food production, and puts us in close proximity to the center of the country which is bursting with environmental tech, start-ups, and hubs of research and knowledge. The Green Up program's mission is to educate the next generation of global citizens in positively influence every sector to protect the earth, earth's resources, and earth's inhabitants. We will act as a living lab for greener practices and technologies in schools, inspire and set an example for global youth to engage in peace and sustainability, and present solutions, ideas and multicultural perspectives on shared issues. We aim to present solutions, ideas and cultivate a youth network of environmental activists and advocates across the world. To do this, we use our unique circumstances of living in a global community of youth located in the Middle East, to promote solutions that combine multiple viewpoints and mutual understanding.

The EMIS International Green Technology Hub

In 2020 we launched a new site at EMIS: the EMIS International Green Technology Hub! This area will provide the students a place to put ideas into action, ranging from food production methods to renewable energy solutions. The students have hands-on access to environmental technologies and a place to create and implement their own ideas.

The Green Team

The Green Team is a student CAS that promotes sustainability on campus. Recent special events they have organized include the "Green Weekend" and "Green Up Day!" to raise awareness about issues such as sustainable food production, climate change, fast fashion, and more!

Activism and Advocacy

EMIS students lead and participate in campaigns and actions and grow as environmental leaders and activists. In recent years they have participated in local actions with Plastic-Free Israel, Green Course (Megama Yeruka), the Israeli Bike Association, and more! On campus they lead campaigns such as addressing food waste, recycling and waste separation, plant and animal conservation.

Education and Awareness

Outside of class, EMIS provides many opportunities to raise awareness on environmental issues - we bring guest speakers and workshop facilitators on topics such as permaculture, storytelling for environmental activism, conservation, and more.

Hands-on and DIY

'We learn by doing: our activities are often hands-on, such as growing food from kitchen scraps, building garden furniture from upcycled wooden pallets, and taste-testing organic v. non-organic food products!

EMIS Global Impact

We know that modern environmental issues are not only local or global. Everything we do at EMIS, we aim to share, to take part in the global conversation on solving problems that we all face in different contexts. We produce media and content to share online, host events that will reach a wider audience, and are building a base for a wider youth network. Our ability to make global impact comes from the special diversity of our group - we live and breath the reality of cross-cultural communication, understanding and finding shared values, and knowing that as a team we can make bigger impact.

Want to partner with us?

Are you a school, organization, individual (or other) that would like to collaborate with us? We are open to cooperation that will support a mutual agenda for environmental sustainability, peace and social good. Please contact: Lindsey Zemler, Sustainability Coordinator @[email protected]

Thank you to the Beracha Foundation!