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Mission Class

Using education as a force for Peace and Sustainability in the Middle East

Mission Course


EMIS’s Mission as a school is ambitious and applied in many different forms. From Mission Week, YOCOPAS, Peace Simulation, and many other events, we try our best to aim for Peace and Sustainability through diverse methods.

Mission Course has several sessions, and all students need to attend 7 hours/year. The aim of the class is to teach sustainability and peace-making approaches and models through hands-on and theoretical classes, with the hopes to ensure that all students graduate with knowledge about conflict resolution and sustainable development in the Middle East, which can also be applied wherever their academic path takes them.

Some of our sessions...

Hands-on Green Hub – Garden: It’s time for fall planting!  Anyone interested in learning more about garden care, composting, and irrigation will enjoy it hands-on!

Green Hub – Biogas and Hydroponics: Working with “systems” growing herbs and vegetables in the hydroponics water-based system (no soil) and the biogas system, which creates renewable energy.

Psychology of (the Israeli/Palestinian) Conflict : We explore the conceptual framework that concerns the socio-psychological foundation and dynamics of intractable conflict.

Dialogue 1 :A chance to get familiar with dialogue as a tool, and talk to each other about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Path To Peace/The Lighthouse Project Trip 2022

On November 15th, our DP1 and Pre-IB students visited two organizations related to peace in the Middle East and its borders, with a special focus on the Gaza region. One of the organizations was Path To Peace, which took our students on a short lecture led by its activists, talking about their work between the borders and their strive for peace in the region. They also visited the borders, which are decorated by the organization leaders and its visitors in the hopes of spreading messages of peace and showing the world the number of people also aiming to achieve it. The other organization was The Lighthouse Project. This project aims to create conversations between people in Gaza and those in the surrounding region, sharing their stories and maintaining connections. Before, people could talk in person, and today they can only build those bridges online. Visitors are encouraged to write on stars messages of peace and hope, aiming to demonstrate how many people are striving for change, peace and establishing human connections.

Palestinian Day

Palestinian and Israeli days are student-led events aimed to share cultural and historical aspects of each community individually, giving the students two days of celebration so they can learn more about each other’s cultures and practices.

Israeli Day

Both celebrations happen yearly and compose the general mission of the school by creating an environment where both communities feel safe to express themselves, learn about the “other”, create dialogue, and ultimately have fun together!