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Mission Week

"[Mission Week] fully represented the school mission and helped me understand the nature of the conflict much deeper" - Nikolay Lopukhin, EMISer

What is Mission Week?

As a part of our “hands-on” approach at EMIS, students and staff participate in an annual week-long project, which focuses on a theme that connects to the school’s mission. The weeks are independently organized by student leaders (with support from the staff). Mission Weeks alternate every year between the Jerusalem Journey and the Borders Week.

Borders Week 2022

Jerusalem Week 2021

Jerusalem and Borders

The Jerusalem Week explores the city through different lenses, on previous years students divided themselves into 5 themed groups to learn about the aspects of identity, borders, spirituality, activism, and the environment.

During Border’s Week, students and staff visit the borders that surround their new home and meet Israeli and Palestinian activists, politicians, and members of the public, to understand the complexity of conflict and learn about the region and conflict through different perspectives, as well as the obstacles to peace and possible solutions.

The Sunrise Climb

It is a Mission Week tradition to hike on the sunrise. In the video below, one of our students Ofer Appelbaum documents The Sunrise Climb.

Borders Week ​

In 2018 and 2022, the project was dedicated to borders. The EMIS community traveled in groups to explore the country’s beautiful borders. This project week was overseen and planned by the students of EMIS and was a complete success. Students and staff members visited Israel’s borders with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, Egypt, and the West Bank as a way to ‘break down the borders’ surrounding their new home. During Borders Week, students met Israeli and Palestinian activists, politicians and members of the public to learn about the complexities of our region, as well as the obstacles to peace and possible solutions. The week concluded with the whole school gathering in the Judean Desert, close to Masada, where students led workshops and reflection sessions on the experiences of the week.  

Borders Week 2018

Jerusalem Week 2019

Jerusalem Week

In 2019 and 2021, EMISers embark to discover Jerusalem from religious, alternative, sustainable, socio-political, cultural, and entrepreneurial aspects. At EMIS, we often talk theoretically about our mission, but during our mission weeks we put theory into practice and explore its manifestation in reality. During Jerusalem Week, we are investigating the overarching theme of communities, the first-hand experience of which we believe is best explored in Jerusalem. To get ready for this experience, we had multiple preparation days and tours, both for the leading staff and the students, that allowed us to explore the tour themes and gain a greater understanding of the nuances of the city. After various talks and activities that examined the all the different aspects and specialties of the city, EMIS students and staff were ready to start the practical part of their journey. Five different buses set off to Jerusalem, carrying our students and staff to locations all over the city. From visiting the UNTSO headquarters, through meeting a gypsy community, to listening to an ultra-orthodox transgender spiritual leader, the members of our school saw the full extent of Jerusalem’s uniqueness and complexity. This journey not only allowed EMISers to obtain in-depth insights and a greater understanding of the city, but also gave them the opportunity to form a tight bond with Jerusalem.


Before every Mission Week, the students have two days of preparation for the trip, in which they are exposed to workshops, lectures, interactive classes, and many other approaches to make them think critically about the hands-on knowledge they are about to acquire.