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Project Oasis - Winners of Zayed Sustainability Prize 2022​

"The Zayed Sustainability Prize is the UAE’s pioneering global award in sustainability and a tribute to the legacy of the late founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This annual award recognizes and rewards the achievements of impactful, innovative, and inspiring sustainability solutions."

What is Project Oasis?

Project Oasis is a student-led initiative in engineering. They aim to produce 6 kilowatts of energy and 1,000 liters of water every day with zero infrastructure for every machine that is built.
Ultimately, the school plans on mass producing these machines to significantly reduce global water shortages and provide clean water and energy in impoverished areas; all while being carbon neutral in operations.
The solution will continue to deliver benefits to students at the school for the next 50 years. Project Oasis aims to collect electricity and water from the air, simultaneously. The system accomplishes this using organic Rankine cycle and condenser technology.”

The Team

The project was assisted by Dr. Bob Roach and created by our Physics students Merrick Richers (Canada), Joseph von Weizsäcker (Germany), Felipe Pinho ( Brazil ), George Ishaq (Palestine), Ekaterina Vragova (Russia), Emmanuel Eliphase (Tanzania), Maharjan Raj (Nepal), Valerian Feigin (Israel), Artem Knyazev (Kazakhstan), Newton Khunvongsa (Laos), Basel Naamneh (Palestine), Sambhav Man Tuladhar (Nepal), and Deiv Mico (Albania).

Global Impact - EMIS at COP27

Fahd El Khamlichi, Class of 2023 from Morocco represented EMIS and Project Oasis at COP27 this year!

COP27 is the world’s biggest annual climate conference. As Project Oasis is the 2022 winner of the Zayed Sustainability Prize, they got the opportunity to spread awareness of climate change and solutions at the conference. 

Other Actions from the Project Oasis Team ​​

  1. Giving talks to local Jr High and High School groups on the project

Two groups have visited EMIS and have been given briefings.  The briefing includes the background of the project, its aims, and the aims of the Zayed Sustainability Prize.  It includes the great need for water in the world and the need to have a device that will provide water off-grid. 

  1. Giving talks to local Diplomatic Corps personnel

Talks have been given to representatives from several African Countries who have visited the EMIS campus.  These include Tanzania, Cameroon, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Uganda.  All have been impressed with the project and have expressed an interest in placing a device in their countries for trial.  As we are in touch with Zayed Sustainability finalists (2021) in several of these countries, it is logical to reach out to these schools as part of these trials. 

  1. Briefings from a local Patent Attorney

A local patent office has volunteered to give our students briefings on intellectual property and on patent filing.  The first of these lectures took place during the school year and the second is scheduled for when school starts up again in the fall.  These briefings are a unique opportunity for the students to become familiar with this aspect of business and its impacts on the ability to proceed with a project. 

Figure 11. Students preparing the WFA frame

Overall recent work report

Figure (11) shows a day when a large number of students were available for working on the frame. While the entire Project Oasis team consists of approximately 15 students in grades 10-12, schedule conflicts usually do not allow all to show up at one time. On this day, many hands made light work. 

As the school year has finished, the 12th-grade students have left campus and will begin their collegiate pursuits.  The 11th graders will take their place and the 10th graders will move up. 

During the summer, a number of students volunteered to stay and work on the project to move it along. When the fall term commences there will be a new class of 10th graders.  From among them, a new group will join Project Oasis.  They will be trained by those who have experienced the first year and will participate in developing Project Oasis devices.   

All are kept apprised of Project Oasis’s progress and activities through the EMIS website and a new website which will be online in the Fall on the project itself.  This separate website will better enable publicity and solicitation of support. 

A daily log is kept in a Google doc and there is at least one Project Oasis what’s-up group for interactions between the members.