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YOCOPAS - Youth Organized Collaboration Of Peace And Sustainability

YOCOPAS is an Israeli-Palestinian-international action-based youth leadership movement that aspires to be an incubator for local change-makers and social initiatives that will positively influence the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Who are we?​

We are a group of international students and educators from the Eastern Mediterranean International School EMIS . The reality of the conflict together with our first-hand experience with youth leadership has led us to establish YOCOPAS as a way to inspire youth to take action and change the reality of the region.

Why do we do it?

We choose to take the reality of the conflict in our hands. We believe in action-based dialogue and collaborative, practical action of passionate youth leaders from Palestine, Israel and the rest of the world as a way to change the reality of the conflict and improve the state of communities which are influenced by it.

How do we do it?

We provide bright, young leaders from Israel, Palestine and the world, who seek to change the reality of the region, with the platform and tools to become local change makers. We do it through an annual conference, weekend seminars and a leadership program in development.

What is the movement?

We provide bright, young leaders from Israel, Palestine, and the world, who seek to change the reality of the region, with the platform and tools to become local change-makers. We do it through an annual conference, weekend seminars, and a leadership program in development.


Theme: Identity

The theme of the conference is the intersection between peace and sustainability; our aim is to increase understanding of the relationship between both concepts. This year we have a special focus on Identity.
 Identity is constructed of narratives, backgrounds, and values. However, there are times, like the conflict, in which the concept of identity becomes more complex. With that being said, this conference will aim to explore various identities and how conflict can impact one’s freedom of self-expression.

Cinema Sabaya

“Eight women, Arab and Jewish, take part in a video workshop hosted by Rona, a young filmmaker. With each camera take, the group dynamic forces the women to challenge their beliefs as they get to know one other”

This amazing Oscar-running movie was exhibited during our 2022 YOCOPAS, followed by a live Q&A with two actresses of the movie, who exclusively came to the conference to answer the students’ questions and share their perspectives on the production with our Palestinian, Israeli, and International participants. 

visit YOCOPAS' website!

YOCOPAS is an EMIS initiative, however, students from outside schools are a big component of the conference, and every school is welcome to join! As a way to reach more participants and spread the word about YOCOPAS around, the movement has its own website! Click below to visit and get more information.​

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