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Environmental Awareness, Activism & Advocacy

The EMIS environmental sustainability program, known as Green Up, focuses on education and awareness, activism and promoting sustainability, as outlined in the EMIS mission. Our planet faces unprecedented challenges such as climate change, depletion of natural resources, and threatened biodiversity. 

The Green Up program is platform for students to engage in these critical issues, by affecting change within the EMIS community and applying knowledge and skills to make a wider impact around the globe. 

The Green Team, a student-run organization, and the Sustainability Ambassadors, a special student ambassadorship, contribute to the Green Up program, and are the main catalysts to engage the student body. Green Up has expanded to become an effective platform for students and staff to contribute to environmental sustainability in both the local and global context. 

EMIS Global Impact

We know that modern environmental issues are not only local or global. Everything we do at EMIS, we aim to share, to take part in the global conversation on solving problems that we all face in different contexts. We produce media and content to share online, host events that will reach a wider audience, and are building a base for a wider youth network. Our ability to make global impact comes from the special diversity of our group - we live and breath the reality of cross-cultural communication, understanding and finding shared values, and knowing that as a team we can make bigger impact.

The EMIS Green Hub

In 2020 we launched a new site at EMIS: the EMIS Green Hub! This area will provide the students a place to put ideas into action, ranging from food production methods to renewable energy solutions. The students have hands-on access to environmental technologies and a place to create and implement their own ideas.

Education and Awareness

Outside of class, EMIS provides many opportunities to raise awareness on environmental issues - we bring guest speakers and workshop facilitators on topics such as permaculture, storytelling for environmental activism, conservation, and more.

Hands-on and DIY

'We learn by doing: our activities are often hands-on, such as growing food from kitchen scraps, building garden furniture from upcycled wooden pallets, and taste-testing organic v. non-organic food products!

EMIS Blog: Environment Section

Visit the student-run blog to read about what we are up to! You will see recent posts about building furniture from wood pallets (upcycling), our reflections on the link between peace and sustainability, and details on our 'Green Weekend" events.

Community Action

We contribute to projects in our neighboring communities

In Spring 2022,  EMIS was selected as an awardee for the SIPP Mini-Grant. 

The SIPP mission is to support projects that engage Israeli and Palestinian communities working to further common environmental and other interests, and to build meaningful connections between people in the United States and Israeli and Palestinian communities involved in these efforts. 

The joint ambassadorship benefits three students directly, and the entire student body indirectly. The three students are Israeli, Palestinian and international (Ukraine) and represent the issues of peacebuilding and environmental sustainability at the school. As ambassadors, they promote awareness and cultural approaches to changemaking alongside students from both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

The students include Noga Koehler (Israel), Sally Shaker (Palestine) and Olena Kovalenko (Ukraine). They are currently working on running events at school to promote awareness and action on environmental issues that are of critical importance both in the Middle East and the world. 

The Beracha Foundation is a critical supporter of EMIS as increase our effectiveness as regional influencers in the field of sustainability in the Middle East. Beracha allows EMIS the ability to not only to educate our own students, but to create a model for education at a school that can be replicated elsewhere in the region.

 With Beracha’s assistance, EMIS is developing as a role model, hub and network leader to youth-led changes. The EMIS Green Up Program would not exist without their generous support. 

Want to partner with us?

Are you a school, organization, individual (or other) that would like to collaborate with us? We are open to cooperation that will support a mutual agenda for environmental sustainability, peace and social good. Please contact: Lindsey Zemler, Sustainability Coordinator

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