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As a boarding school, we know that all children are different and would ideally like to meet you and your child, allow you to experience the school, and get to know you all so that we fully understand your needs. However, we have students from over 40 countries already studying with us, so we know that it isn’t always easy to come and visit the school. This is why we have created a process where you can find out everything you need to know about the school from our website.

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Maya Kogan-Elias, Director of Admissions | [email protected]

Amir, Israel

Finished first MIT semester, did computer science research at CSAIL. Now in Korea teaching STEM, and will do a computer science internship in the summer and will teach. (Class of 2016)

Beniamin, Poland

Currently, I am trying to organise "Study Abroad" summer workshops for high school student in my town. Next year, I will be heading to the US for a programme called the Watson Institute, which is a social entrepreneurship incubator. I will be working on developing my project of a gap year programme in Poland. In fall of 2019, I will be starting studies at NYU Abu Dhabi.

Hannah , USA

I was looking for a high school program in Israel and heard about the international school opening in Hakfar Hayarok, and thought that being part of an international community, after growing up in a homogenous American town, would be truly eye-opening. My experience at EMIS was incredible because I had the opportunity to grow as a student through the IB program, learn Hebrew which had been a long-time goal of mine, debate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict firsthand with people from both sides, and make friends from many different countries, who helped me better understand different world perspectives. I will always look back on my EMIS experience, knowing that it shaped my worldview and made me a more aware individual. (Class of 2016)

Tom, England

EMIS carries a very special meaning for me. Upon graduation, as any Israeli youth would, I enlisted into the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), specifically into the Foreign Relations Department. I am currently finishing my officers course, after completing two positions in the Liaison to Foreign Forces in Lebanon and those stationed in Syria as well. EMIS was instrumental in forming my identity as an open-minded and critical thinker; founding the MUN platform which until today is award-winning in its national accomplishments. Furthermore, in that regard, I tend to return to Hakfar Hayarok as often as possible to remain connected and invested. (Class of 2016)

Eng, Cambodia

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at New York University. After three semesters at NYU, I am spending a semester in Florence and another in Shanghai before I return to New York. After EMIS, I did not want to settle in one place and that is what encouraged me to take the opportunity to travel to so many places abroad during my undergraduate program. It has been an incredible experience and EMIS was a crucial stepping stone in this journey. I look forward to visiting EMIS this summer and seeing how much it has grown. (Class of 2016)

Linh, Vietnam

Studying at EMIS granted me the chance to be exposed to the flourishing start-up scene of Israel, form a global mindset and explore myself through the business lens. That is how my interest in entrepreneurship and start-up was born and nurtured. I am now a full-scholarship student at Babson College, the university that ranks number one in entrepreneurship in the United States. This summer, I am going back to Vietnam to run a social project that connects young people with the entrepreneurial mindset and start-up scene in Hanoi. After that, I will go to Barcelona for an internship and for the cultural experiences. (Class of 2017)

Emma , Italy

EMIS for me has marked the beginning of an international lifestyle that I wish to pursue for as long as possible. After graduating with the IB, I moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in order to attend Erasmus University’s economics faculty. In July I will be moving to Santiago de Chile where I will be spending my exchange semester and after that I will decide where to apply next. Still, even two years after leaving Israel, I feel very attached to the places I’ve seen and the people I’ve met, and I feel lucky to have, once in a while, the chance to meet my dearest friends from boarding school again. (Class of 2016)

Raqem, Palestine

My experience at EMIS was unique and it has changed me completely, of course for the better. It is simply amazing and inspiring to have friends from all over the world and learn about their cultures and points of view. There were challenges too, like living away from my family and hometown and having to become responsible for myself in every way. These experiences have made me who I am today. I'm grateful to the people here, who stayed with me in my happiest and most desperate moments, and to the school for having faith in us that we can do it and get our diploma (and we did it, woo-hoo!). You were all a second family to us. Thanks, EMIS. (Class of 2016)

Andrée-Anne, Canada

I have started university in Quebec City at Laval University in Biomedical Sciences, in early September. I'm also continuing to work as a head lifeguard and first aid responsible in an indoor waterpark. Also, I got to travel back to Israel, I went to Istanbul and Athens during the summer, and I got to reconnect with other alumni in Canada!

Gabriel , Brazil

Intense. That was the only word I could think of when I was asked how I would describe my experience at EMIS. Intense as the tears would refuse to stay inside of my eyes. It might seem a bit romantic, but that is what EMIS was to me. Being away just makes me realize even more how it was home. EMIS changed me so smoothly that I could not possibly have realized. However, when I look around me now I can see the difference of being in an educational institution and being at home. It was not always easy sunshine and butterflies. It was not perfect but it was home. EMIS came in the book of my life to be the chapter called Golden Days. (Class of 2016)

Sofia, Russia

In 2013, I heard of a new international school for peace and sustainability opening in Israel and decided to try. A few months later, I got an e-mail that said "CONGRATULATIONS from EMIS!". I was both scared and excited to get on a plane and fly to a different country to live with people who come from different cultures and speak different languages. I did not think that EMIS would be such a wonderful time of my life but it was. I met a lot of amazing, interesting people. I studied, gained knowledge and skills and most importantly I gained friends who became my family. EMIS is a good school of life, and I am very thankful for it. Humans of EMIS and its spirit always will be in my heart. (Class of 2016)

Canberk, Turkey

After being part of the first class of EMIS graduates in 2016, I decided to study Electrical and Computer Engineering in Dalhousie University, Canada. I also work for an NGO called Center for Sustainable Engagement, where I am the Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programs, and I also manage a University Innovation Fellowship between Dalhousie and Stanford University. In the long term, I will keep building my engineering career in Canada while keeping an active role in entrepreneurial ecosystems, in order to connect with inspiring people and promote peace and sustainability as an EMIS alumni. (Class of 2016)

Majlinda, albania

After graduation in 2016, I took half a year off to work as an Au Pair before I headed to Malaysia, where I am currently a second year Optometry student. Meanwhile, I work as an online English tutor in the evenings and I am a recent TEFL graduate too. Living in South East Asia for the past year and a half had definitely been a challenge. However, the perspectives I have gained have helped me grow. (Class of 2016)

Shy, Tanzania

When I graduated EMIS in May 2017, I found myself uncertain about who I was. The person that had walked into EMIS in August of 2015 and the person walking out now were entirely different people. I was more mature, more experienced, more knowledgeable, and more than anything, I had friends (more like family) who supported my every wish. With their love and support, I left to South America for my gap year to backpack through Patagonia and the north, and every day I found myself a little more. When I finish my travels, I will head to the University of Edinburgh to pursue a dual degree in Law and Social Anthropology. None of my adventures would be possible without EMIS, and the beautiful people within it. I will always be grateful for my time there. (Class of 2017)

Daniel , Ukraine

When I graduated from EMIS in May 2017, I decided I want to live in Israel. Currently I am volunteering at our school and helping the management team improve EMIS for future students. Meanwhile, I am waiting for the response to my citizenship application. I will always remember this gap year as a year of personal growth and the entrance to adulthood. I am grateful that EMIS has prepared me sufficiently for whatever challenges I might face in the future. (Class of 2017)