Pen in a Box

From the very beginning of current school year, EMIS students are engaged in conducting social and cultural projects. Besides cultural events, for instance Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, we decided to organise a charity action and devote our help to students who may not be as privileged as we are, and have needs we may be able to solve.

Inspired by worldwide initiative Pen in a Box, EMIS students arranged a raiser of school supplies, such as pens, pencils, pencil cases or notebooks. EMIS is located in Hakfar Hayarok campus and part of the Kfar school took part in the raiser as well. First part of initiative was to prepare boxes for supplies and inform students about the raiser. Supervisor of the project was Beniamin Strzelecki from Poland. Over the following two weeks, students were collecting needed items. Response was overwhelming! Amount of given articles much exceeded expectations and boxes prepared in advance were much less than enough. Students brought pens, markers, pencils, pencil cases, books, notebooks, backpacks, folders. Here, a huge ‘thank you’ should be repeated once more to all donors. Pen in a Box is an example of an action where we can make a big change, not sacrificing a lot. Something as unnecessary as pen, which we got during a random event or we accidentally bought in the beginning of the school year, can be an object of utmost importance for someone else.

Eventually, the raiser had come to an end and we delivered all assembled supplies to our target school. The school is located in Yafo and for us, EMIS students, the way the school works is very inspiring. It brings together Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze students together. They come from different backgrounds, in particular a big fraction of them comes from poor families. It is the only school in Israel where for the first few years, students learn in one class in both Arabic and Hebrew at the same level. When school started operating in this manner, there was a lot of tensions but consecutively situation has been improving.

Pen in a Box school supplies raiser was a unique episode. Firstly, we were able to really help students in need. Secondly, thanks to visit in the school, we could learn from this inspiring, first-hand experience. Finally, by that we would like to raise awareness about spare things that we can use to make others’ life better.