YOCOPAS Conference

Educators Circle for Peace and Sustainability in the Middle East


The Eastern Mediterranean International Foundation, The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, EMIS, 4 other Palestinian schools and 3 other Israelis schools held their 2nd educators meeting in May

The project was founded by the EMIS Foundation to create a vibrant circle for educators, a place of trust, respect, shared educational programs and hope in the Middle East.

The purpose of the circle is to bring together educators and students on a common interest of enhancing peace and sustainability in the Middle East.

At our last meeting we hosted educators from The American School in Gaza, Renaissance school in East Jerusalem, Irtach School, Bala School, Hakfar Hayarok High School, Leo Beack and Dror.

The participants of the circle, both educators and students will take part in the planning and implementation of the “Youth Organized Collaboration of Peace and Sustainability Conference” which will take place on October 26-28th ,2016.


YOCOPAS Conference