Yesterday we held our first ever CAS fair at EMIS.

The sun was shining, the music was playing, the students and teachers worked together to create an event that was both festive and informative and invited internal and external organisations to be a part of the CAS programme.

CAS stands for Creativity, Activity, Service, an integral part of the IB Curriculum and the heart of the mission to be a well rounded, open minded, creative individual who fully invests in their community and takes risks to make this world a better place.

CAS enables students to demonstrate attributes of the Learner Profile in real and practical ways, to grow as unique individuals and to recognize their role in relation to others. CAS complements a challenging academic program me in a holistic way, providing opportunities for self-determination, collaboration, accomplishment and enjoyment.

Our students have created their own CAS Activities, such as the EMIS Running club, which aims to raise awareness and funds for a Charity working with handicapped individuals through participating in the Tel Aviv Urban Marathon in February. Philosophy Club, Journalism Club and Blog EMIS, Improvisation Theatre Club as well as Chinese and Hebrew Club but to mention a few.

We are also working with external NGOs such as Budo for Peace,ARDC and Kfar Ofarim, where the students can really invest their time into giving back in a valuable and genuine way to the community in which they live.

They also have an opportunity to work with Ultimate Peace, Taiko Life and Green Blitz exploring their active side, taking a cultural leap and exploring the world of start ups and robotics.

We wish all the EMISers good luck on their CAS journey and with their IB this year!