The Eastern Mediterranean International School (EMIS) is the first unique international boarding high school in Israel.

Founded in 2014, with a mission of making education a force for peace and sustainability in the Middle East.

Located in Hakfar Hayarok, a youth village and educational campus at the center of Israel, EMIS fosters intercultural understanding and promotes personal and social leadership.

Jerusalem Project


This year, the EMIS Project topic that was chosen was Jerusalem.

Leaving academics aside, all EMIS staff and students packed their bags and set out to an investigatory mission in Jerusalem for three days. The students were split into 12 groups, each exploring a different aspect of Jerusalem’s complexity – the aspects explored were: civic status, religion, arts, holy places, political views, urban planning, sovereignty, economic development, education, borders, municipality, and the green line. These investigations were aimed to broaden the horizons of thinking and the understanding of the many different faces of Jerusalem.

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