Green Team

Green Team is an environmental group at EMIS that focuses on education, activism and promoting sustainability, as outlined in the EMIS mission.


At EMIS, we focus on educating students and staff members about water issues, waste, food waste, global warming and other topics.

Our main event is EMIS Earth Weekend held every year on the Earth Day. In the previous events, we hosted prof. Alon Tal from Tel Aviv University and prof. Yoav Yair from IDC Herzliya.

One of our most exciting activities was educational trip to Kibbutz Ketura and Kibbutz Lotan, where we saw the largest solar field in Israel and learned to build structures from straw bales and mud.


Green Team organised a recycling system at EMIS and carried out a campaign encouraging students to reduce food waste.

Outside of EMIS, we cooperate with Greenpeace and other organisations. Last year, we took part in the  “Break Free from Fossil Fuels” campaign and this year, we went to the Climate March in Tel Aviv.

During EMIS Earth Weekend 2018, we went to Netanya to clean the beach and the sea turtle reserve.


At EMIS, we learn about the latest innovations in the agriculture and apply them on our campus.

Last year, we installed a hydroponic farm, a highly water-efficient agricultural system, on EMIS campus.

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