Jerusalem Journey

EMISers embarked on their Jerusalem Journey on the last day of January to discover the city from religious, alternative, sustainable, socio-political, cultural, and entrepreneurial aspects. At EMIS, we often talk theoretically about our mission, but during our mission weeks we put theory into practice and explore its manifestation in reality. This year, we are investigating the overarching theme of communities, the first-hand experience of which we believe is best explored in Jerusalem. Thus, we decided to set off on a special Jerusalem Journey. To get ready for this experience, we had multiple preparation days and tours, both for the leading staff and the students, that allowed us to explore the tour themes and gain a greater understanding of the nuances of the city. After various talks and activities that examined the all the different aspects and specialties of the city, EMIS students and staff were ready to start the practical part of their journey. Five different buses set off to Jerusalem on Thursday morning, carrying our students and staff to locations all over Jerusalem. From visiting the UNTSO headquarters, through meeting a gypsy community, to listening to an ultra-orthodox transgender spiritual leader, the members of our school saw the full extent of Jerusalem’s uniqueness and complexity. This journey not only allowed EMISers to obtain in-depth insights and a greater understanding of the city, but also gave them the opportunity to form a tight bond with Jerusalem.