On the week of the 10-16.02 the Eastern Mediterranean International School is celebrating the first African cultural week of our community. This week, led and organized by a student-composed cultural committee, was created in order to celebrate and cherish the different cultures and students that compose EMIS from the African continent. Composed of 4 days of activities, the African week allows the students of our school to not only get insights and information regarding to the rich culture and characteristics of the continent but also get first-hand experience of the African food, music, dances and more. On Sunday, the 10th of February, we had the opening ceremony of the week, in which the students performed traditional songs and dances, carried out presentations about the different African regions and read out pieces of poetry. On Tuesday the 12.02 we participated in different workshops led by our students, that dealt with the different social and political issues in the continent. The following Wednesday was the African food day which allowed our students to experience the aromas and tastes dominating the continent. On the last day of the week, we experienced an exciting African party that included African music, national dances and the traditional student dresses. This week was not only a fun disruption of the busy reality at EMIS, but was also a manifestation of our mission and spirit in reality. The African week also expanded our students’ horizons and let us all enjoy and experience the diverse cultural identities and character of Africa.