Our students were surprised with a day and a half trip to explore diverse communities around the country. Three groups of students went to the north to explore Tefen, an industrial park that brings together Jewish and Arab Israelis to live and work for peace; Kfar Kama, a Circassian village tour led by one of our social guides who grew up there; and to Tivu'un for The Sheich-Abreich Festival where the students learned how to express themselves through the arts. The trips to the south included visiting different Bedouin communities in the Negev desert to learn about their lives, seeing how a co-existence community functions in Neve Shalom, meeting the Ivri'im African community in Dimona to see a show and participate in workshops. Students had a first-hand experience of the variety of lifestyles and cultures in Israel and encountered people who model peace and show that there is strength in diversity.