"Our Art teacher, Shlomit Kanfi told us that we needed to make an exhibition piece, which would demonstrate the concept of conflict. The first scene that comes to my mind and, reminds me conflict, is the injured lady from the war of 2008 between Georgia and Russia. I decided that my piece needed to include this lady and have a strong message. My inspiration for making graffiti about this theme was Banksy. After the exhibition passed  I went to Georgia and, there a protest against occupation was going on. I wanted to say a word with my art, so I painted my exhibition piece on the wall of the main suburb in the city (Gori), where that woman got injured. After, short time the main TV in Georgia called me and, asked me for a reportage about my piece and its aim. After my interview, we went to the lady whom I depicted in my painting. Her name is Sopho Muradovi. She can’t walk since 2008 because of the injury. She got 14 surgeries all by her sources. No one requested help from her. She lives on the 5th floor and, she is not able to go down from there by herself (lift does not work in the building), therefore, she usually stays in her flat. This continues for 11 years. I decided to open a foundation with my friends to help her. I know that it won't be enough to change her situation completely but we want to try our best."

This is the reportage day on the local TV http://rustavi2.ge/ka/video/45118?v=2&fbclid=IwAR1mjoU3RD-mhsjR7g4If1ShGUuFZkEsATNh2WW9o7OZ0WOaPlSjh8W0fyQ

"Hey Shlomit❤ hope you are having good summertime 😚
I just wanted you to know that I painted the woman graffiti on the wall I planned. I didn't want somebody to know that I made it but when I was painting it, a journalist came and ask me why I was doing it and what was it about. She really asked me so I told her. Then she made an article about me. The people in the city saw that post and they were sharing it and saying good stuff about me on facebook. Then the main Television in Georgia called me and asked me reportage about the painting. I said ok. After the shooting we visited the lady I depicted in the picture. She made 14 operations but still, she feels really weak and she can't walk. She needs help. I almost cried when I saw her. She was so proud of me. The media said in the reportage that she needs help and people started helping her. I am planning an event to collect some money for her. I hope I will collect enough."