On September 23, EMIS hosted a new project – Diplomacy Day, initiated and organized by our DP2 student from Poland, Bartek Trzos. During this event, our students could meet real diplomats, ask pressing questions as well as discuss relevant economic, political and cultural issues with them. It was a natural continuation of meetings with ambassadors started last year with the visit of H.E. Marek Magierowski (Ambassador of the Republic of Poland) to EMIS. Diplomacy Day was attended by H.E. Levente Benkő (Ambassador of Hungary), H.E. Hennadii Nadolenko (Ambassador of Ukraine), H.E. Emanuele Giaufret (Ambassador of the EU) and Mr. Alexander Gavrilov (Spokesperson of the Russian Embassy). Each of our esteemed guests gave an interactive lecture to the students related to their country and then became involved in discussions, during which EMISers could ask questions and explore these topics more in-depth.

The event began at full speed with the lecture on the topic of the challenges currently faced by the European Union delivered by Ambassador Giaufret. Students could learn about the likely implications of Brexit, the risks of authoritarianism and nationalism, and the refugee crisis. The Ambassador characterized the EU as the “biggest peace project in history”, which particularly resonated in our school, dedicated to making education a force for peace and sustainability in the Middle East. The second lecture by Ambassador Nadolenko allowed us to investigate the recent history of Ukraine with a particular focus on Crimea and the war in the Donbas region. After a break, we could hear contrasting perspectives on these topics. Firstly, Ambassador Benkő presented the Hungarian vision of European integration and explained the importance of the state’s sovereignty and security. He also eagerly responded to students’ questions, not rarely provocative and stimulating interesting discussion. The last guest speaker, Mr. Gavrilov prepared a very detailed lecture about the role of the Russian Federation in the contemporary world and addressed the controversial opinion this country has at the international forum.

The multitude of perspectives gave a priceless opportunity to our students to experience the reality of global politics and form their own opinions about contemporary political issues. Unquestionably, Diplomacy Day was an extremely successful event, and we hope this initiative will become one of many flagship projects of our school!

Diplomacy Day @ EMIS Brochure