On Friday morning, 20th September, the art class of EMIS arrived at Gordon Gallery in Tel Aviv to visit the latest exhibition of the most famous Israel sculpture, 89 years old Dani Karavan. We met Dani, energetic and active, who took us through his world of wonders and shared with us his youthful spirit and creative mind. Walking through his sculptures felt like walking through an imaginary city.

It was our pleasure to hear him explain the process of his artworks and witness his perspective and the meanings behind his work. We feel privileged to hear the explanations directly from him and understand how he feels about the art he makes.

We are very grateful to have been able to experience Dani Karavan’s work and get inspired by his beautiful soul. Thank you Dani for giving us your precious time and opening up our minds to new art concepts. We hope you continue to influence us and others with your art, and looking forward to meeting with you on our next visit to Tel Aviv!