On Thursday, May 24th, half of us ceased being students and entered into life after high school. The DP2 graduated from EMIS in a beautiful open-air ceremony. A number of special people gave speeches; including Ms. Fidelis Nthenge, Head of the IB World Schools Department; Gili Roman, the principal of EMIS; parent representatives Ms. Hod & Ms. Hasna and Trang, one of our own lovely students. Since EMIS always comes with a touch of culture and diversity, a duo of EMIS dancers performed a mix of Latin American dances, together with multiple songs performed by individual students and the EMIS band. The grand finale was seeing the 63 students dressed in blue gowns throwing their caps (and with them all IB-responsibility) high into the sky after the countdown. The reactions of parents, siblings, and friends were especially touching, and many came from across the globe to see their dearest end this period of their lives. Congratulation wishes and goodbyes were exchanged shortly after the ceremony at dinner, now more and more of our friends are leaving the campus back to their homes all over the world. Thank you, DP2s, for being the best ones out there and we wish you all luck in your future adventures!