Every quarter at EMIS, we celebrate the diversity in our school. We have culture week celebrations where students present their culture, share traditional songs, dances, and food to share with each other. Culture weeks bring our community closer together as well as contribute to the mission of our school.  For January’s culture week, we celebrated  Asian & Oceania Culture Week, as it kicked off Lunar New Year celebrations. The week passed by with so many great memories and unforgettable moments. We learned about cultures and traditions from various Asian & Oceania countries as well as trying delicious food from Vietnam🇻🇳, China🇨🇳, Nepal🇳🇵, Korea🇰🇷, Myanmar, 🇲🇲Mongolia🇲🇳, India🇮🇳, Australia🇦🇺 & New Zealand🇳🇿. Students brought traditional clothing from home and wore it during our celebration adding a fashionable flair to the week. 

A big thanks to Emis’s Cultural Week Committee and students in Asian & Oceania region for preparing and making an event such a big success and to all students and staff members for attending and supporting the event.

South American Cultural week: Free to  celebrate our cultures

At EMIS, we are defined by the cultural exchange of students from around the world who make our campus their home. Diversity is the backbone of our education and we believe that everyone’s cultures are interesting and we are always enthusiastic to give a stage to our students to showcase their culture to their peers. 

The month of September was packed with student lead activities but the most anticipated was the south American Cultural week ( 15 - 18 Sept). The first night of the cultural week was filled with performances such as the Brazilian samba dance, cultural songs from south American countries, ( Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, and Trinidad and Tobago etc. short presentations and workshops by students familiarizing their cultures to the rest of the EMIS community, traditional foods such as  Pão de Queijo and teaching ´´Forró``, Tortillas, etc. in the words of one of our students, “The Cultural Week was a chance not only to promote my culture and history to other students from all over the world but to connect with my origins.” Juliana Pinho Müller 21’ Brazil.

On the last day of the South American cultural week, South American students taught the rest of the EMIS community how to perform their traditional dances, common traditions in their culture and it was an opportunity for students to leave behind negative stereotypes that they might have had about South American culture. “ When living in a diverse community like EMIS, it is crucial to be able to know the culture of our friends as it brings us together and makes us more connected.” Beatriz Oliveira da Silva 20’ Brazil.

At EMIS we promote the ideas that everyone is unique and encourage our students to be more curious and be open-minded to differences that exist among them and use them as a force of strength that brings them together in awe and appreciation of their diversity and uniqueness.

Asian cultural week: seeking strength in diversity.

On the week of Jan 19th to 25th, our Asian students took pride in celebrating their cultures and diversity. Celebrating their cultures were students from China, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Myanmar, Nepal, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan.  This week was an opportunity for our community to learn more about Asian countries and cultures, and the Lunar New year which was on the last day of the Asian cultural week. 

To begin our celebrations, students and EMIS staff experienced a hectic week of preparations which led to an amazing opening ceremony where Asian students showcased their traditional dances, traditional songs, traditional outfits, and short factual presentations about the Asian countries represented by our community. After the amazing performances, our community was excited for the food day, where traditional dishes from the present Asian countries were served to the rest of the students such as the Chinese hot pot, the Vietnamese Goi Cuon, Nepalese dumplings, which gave our students to not only know the diversity of Asian cultures through songs, dances but also the diversity in the exquisite tastes of Asian foods. 

Lastly, to close this year’s Asian cultural week, there were workshops led by students to give first -  hand the experience of Asian culture from the countries represented. Students learned how to write Chinese calligraphy, and were taught a few basic lines to introduce themselves in the first languages of those countries. Because the last day of the cultural week coincided with the Lunar New year, our Chinese students decorated the EMIS campus with amazing designs and collages. 

Through the Cultural week, we make students feel at home and stay connected to their home cultures. It is also very significant because it opens and shows the rest of the students that there is a diverse world out there ready to be explored. “It is very nice to know a person, understand them from the perspective of their cultures, because our cultures are a big factor in our personality.” Qiang Yao, 21’ China.