A team of five EMIS students traveled to Los Angeles to compete with 12 other teams for initial funding to start a new business. Sponsored by Founder’s Bootcamp, an organization dedicated to helping high school students to start businesses based on their innovative ideas, these 13 teams were selected out of initial 1000 teams. Eight of the 13 teams were selected to receive $50,000 to begin the process of building a company for their proposed project. The EMIS team, Green Stream, introduced their WaterPoint project. The teams were also introduced to venture capital groups, like Scopus Ventures, who provide significantly larger investments. The students will return to Los Angeles this summer to build a second prototype and receive advice from engineers and business builders.


The EMIS team (Jerome deBruyn, Daniel Massoud, Neo Cieutat, Vinny Ono, and Long Hai Tran, all DP1s) submitted an innovative proposal for an efficient way of producing water from air. Building on the work started by another EMIS graduate, Hamada Najjar (Class of 2016), the students, with the help of their mentor and physics teacher, Robert Roach, have designed a compact and easily produced machine. The device will produce large amounts of water by condensing it out of air pulled into the device. Energy available from water vapor will be used to power most of the process and is thus, currently, is one of the most efficient in the world. Consequently, the water produced will be very inexpensive and can provide badly needed fresh water to the huge number of places in the world without adequate clean water. The team has been invited to work with venture capital groups to obtain sufficient funding to open a factory to produce the devices.  The team desires to open the factory in Palestine to provide jobs for Palestinians.  Expansion world-wide is possible because of the natural relationship with the embassies of over 40 countries of the students at EMIS.


Use of the machine will not only provide badly needed clean water, it is entirely environmentally friendly and removes energy from the air and produces no pollutants. EMIS students will participate in building the prototype and conduct research on various aspects of the process. As the project demonstrates what can be accomplished as we work together and gives an environmentally clean process of providing badly needed water, it is a great example from the EMIS mission of providing peace and sustainability in the Middle East.