This year EMIS’ MUN club joined TIMEMUN, hosted at the American School in Even Yehuda, for the fifth year in a row. There were over 500 students at this year’s TIMEMUN conference, from all over Israel, Palestine, and indeed the world. 11 students were selected to represent EMIS at the conference, taking part in such committees as ECOSOC, Environment, Human Rights, Joint Crisis Committee, Security Council, and Special Committee on Restarting the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks, Territorial Disputes etc. The quality of competition and debate at the conference was at its highest level yet, with deep and sustained arguments being put forward by all students involved.

The hard work that the MUN team has put in since the beginning of the school year and beyond paid off. With the support and assistance of their advisor, Mr. Jason, the team won the following achievements: -

Yuval Ginossar  - Outstanding Delegate (Crisis Committee)

Andi Bocari – Best Delegate (ECOSOC)

Sose Simovoryan – Oral Recognition (Environment)

Nguyen Lu – Best Delegate (Human Rights)

Zain Qalawi – Outstanding Delegate (Territorial Disputes)

Basia Ciosk – Best Delegate (Trade and Development)

Long Hai Tran – Best Delegate (NATO)

Bartłomiej Trzos – Best Delegate (American Senate)

Vinícius Ono Sant'Anna – Honourable Mention (Historical Security Council: 1979)

Shana Hazboun – Outstanding Delegate (Security Council: 2019)

Asher Grant-Sasson – Best Delegate (Special Committee for Restarting the Peace Process)

And, last but not least, ‘Best Overall Delegation’ went to EMIS for the fifth year in a row!!

Our students gained personal recognition for every single committee that they participated in at TIMEMUN.

Well done to the TIMEMUN team!!!!