Last week EMIS was one of 50 schools that participated in TIMEMUN, a student-run UN simulation in the American International School, Even Yehuda. TIMEMUN is a three-day conference in which about 600 students—or "delegates"—participate in writing, debating and passing resolutions on a multitude of different issues across eleven different committees. The committees ranged from the traditional Security Council to the unique and creative Presidential Committee, in which delegates represented American politicians running for president, and the Crisis Committee, which dealt with a hypothetical Martian revolution in the year 2080. The conference, which for several students was their first Model UN experience, was an interesting, exciting, challenging, and rewarding three days. Among the eleven students from EMIS, five won an award for their excellent performance. Overall, EMIS was awarded Outstanding Delegation. It was an intense yet fun experience for all of us, who are now catching up on three days worth of school.