75 students

45 countries

over 27 IB exams

and thousands of hours studying

1 graduation ceremony

This Sunday, 2019 EMIS Graduation concluded a two-year journey for our 4th graduating class. Parents came from far away places like South Africa and Colombia to watch their children graduate. And those who couldn’t make the trip watched the graduation in real time online on Facebook.

The evening started with taking pictures with family, friends, and roommates. During the graduation ceremony, everyone danced - students, teachers, and even parents.  The dance from graduates was especially remarkable featuring dances and pop music from different cultures. All graduates got a symbolic present a travel backpack so they can embark on the journey long and short.

Overall, it was a very emotional ceremony. It concluded with an inspirational speech of Gili Roman about the difference between ownership and belonging. The principal urged students instead of asking "What belongs to me?" ask themselves "Where do I belong?".

Our Graduates choreographed an incredible dance during graduation  https://youtu.be/e8QmdIC5IZE 

Choreography credits: Siseko Bango & Elena Cassina.