EMIS Green Team is a group of students in EMIS who are passionate about learning and taking initiative regarding sustainability and raising environmental awareness. We do this by planning activities for the school, and the team itself to provide students with the tools to live sustainably. We talk about environmental issues that are in the Kfar and the school, and we try to find solutions for them during our meetings.

Our Green Team Actions:

  • On December 29th, EMIS’s Green Team participated in a demonstration against transportation via polluting vehicles in Tel Aviv. It was hosted by Green Peace Israel, and consisted in riding bicycles around the city of Tel- Aviv as a large group in order to show that riding bicycles is a good and environmentally-friendly form of transportation, and mainly, to pressure the government to invest more on the provision of bicycles and the security of riding it in the streets, as well as implementing more bicycle paths. Cycling and walking also make our roads safer by reducing the number of automobiles on the street. Did you know that 98.5% of collisions on regional roads are between gas-powered vehicles?
  • On Nov. 22, EMIS green team took part in a beach cleaning by the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv.  An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash-most of it plastic -is dumped in the world's oceans every year, that's why, with your help, we can all change something and make our planet a better place to live! 
  • Green-up is an event that has a goal to promote sustainability in the Kfar Hayarok district. It was planned so that teenagers from both Kfar school and EMIS could interact and work together to pitch and eventually build several projects which will improve the Kfar’s sustainability and environment. These will be executed in the Kfar itself with the help of the students involved. The aim of this event is to encourage students to take action and initiative towards building a better, sustainable future in the Kfar for students and residents alike, and hopefully, this will motivate them to be environmentally active in their own communities and implement their ideas in other places, therefore spreading the awareness. We believe the event was a big success, and are looking forward to seeing these projects prosper and grow.