The Peace Simulation is an annual conference held at EMIS by the Charney resolution center. Its goal is to reach a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by bringing Israelis and Palestinians together to create realistic solutions to the conflict. It is designed to put people a step out of their comfort zones, allowing them to recognize what is happening on the other side of the border without feeling like a betrayal of their country. The conference addresses the conflict from two different approaches: Politically and Socioeconomically. The Peace Simulation melds together learning facts and truths about the conflict, with what participants bring in to the conference from personal experience by challenging participants to create a realistic solution to a real-life conflict. The ideal outcome of this conference is to make an impact on the real world through the bridges built between the two sides, leading to a real resolution of the 100-year-old conflict. 

For the conference, participants are split into 2 different tracks, which focus on the different types of diplomacy: Delegations (Track 1) and Back Door Channels (Track 2). Track 1 focuses on the political implications of the conflict. Each delegation is a mix of Israelis, Palestinians, and Internationals. Track 2 has one larger group made up of Israelis, Palestinians, and Internationals, where no participant takes the views or position of national identity. Track 2 focuses on the socioeconomic implications of the conflict. Through the peace simulation, students gain a better understanding of the conflict from different perspectives. They learn how to constructively engage in conflicts or discussions, get tools to help participants analyze conflicts in the world around them and to challenge their own views.

Although the complexity of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict is greater than our students can fathom, the Leon Charney Peace simulation at EMIS gives our students a chance to step out of their comfort zone and broadly think about the reality of the conflict they live. This allows EMIS,  in collaboration with the Leon Charney center, to take steps towards a peaceful solution between Israel and Palestine.