During the 2017/2018 school year, the EMIS Band has become one of the most visible entities that create the EMIS culture. With lots of hours of rehearsals, effort and sacrifice, the Band is now one of the most successful CASes on EMIS, participating in various events along the school year and giving the final touch to the season with a big event: the first EMIS Charity Gala, also known as the Rock For A Cause concert, which included wonderful home-made sweets and groceries cooked by our EMIS Cooking Club, with the aim of this annual event is to raise funds for charity organizations. The first edition was a success, raising a considerable amount for the Elifelet organization, a refugee children kindergarten in South Tel Aviv.

Besides the main end-of-the-year event, the Band has performed in different events like the Art Exhibition or the TOK Conference, as well as regular short concerts every few weeks in the music hall of Hakfar Hayarok.

The EMIS Band is one of the most transversal CASes of the school and offers a wide range of opportunities to collaborate with other branches of CAS and to have fun at the same time we light up the atmosphere of the school!