This week we have experienced the science week at EMIS!

Both DP1s and DP2s cooperated throughout the week in order to build this enriching and fun experience.

Like every year, the students have initiated many workshops interconnecting curiosity, fun and science.

On the first day, everyone came to see the movie Ex Machina that is heavily computer science related: it underlined the relations and conflicts that humans could have in the future together with artificial intelligence.

During the week, the workshops varied from various sciences like chemistry with bubble tea or ice cream, physics with the pressurized rockets that the students built with the help of the aerodynamics professor Dr Roach, computer science with the Turing test that the students performed, biology through the crash course in neurobiology or even the ethics that are behind sciences.

We also received a very important guest from Space IL, who is an engineer who helped build a space module for the moon.