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Sukkot Holiday By Nguyen (Amelia)

Sukkot is a long break, and a lot of people here at EMIS decided to enjoy their time doing what they want. Here are some of the things that students have done during Sukkot holidays:

Went to Haifa

Elite (DP2): “Sukkot was amazing, but Haifa was so much better.”

Jerusalem Trip

Zeina (DP1): “I went to see some of my friends in Bethlehem, and then gathered up with my friends in Jerusalem. It was three of my friends’ birthdays that week, so we went out to celebrate and it was so much fun!”

Dung (DP1): “I went to a host family house in Ra’anana and the meals there were the longest meals I have ever had in my life. However, it was such an amazing experience to be at a host family and feel the real Israeli spirit in the holiday. I also joined with my friends in the Jerusalem trip and I had so much fun there!”

Luise (DP1): “I also went to the Jerusalem trip, and the rest of the holiday I stayed on campus. I slept a lot, tried to do my work, hung out with my friends and had video calls with my family too. It was fun, but sometimes I was a little bit “depressed” because I couldn’t do as many things as I wanted.”

Soukhim (DP1): “Beside joining the Jerusalem trip, I just stayed at school to do my homework, review the lessons and also relax with movies too.  I had enjoyed the holiday a lot until I realized it was the end of the week and I have to go back to school!”

Theatre performance in Jaffa (Khanh Nguyen, Khanh Ton and Linda Yuan)

Khanh  (DP2): “It were almost the 2 busiest weeks of my life rehearsing for the play “the micro history of world economics” directed by a French director Pascal Rambert. It was complex and abstract, but we tried our best to convey the history of economics. What I remember the most was the choir and all the weird movements during the play. Though our parts were small, they were the most authentic parts. For me, it wasn’t acting, it was me showing my real daily life on stage.”

Linda (Cambridge): “The theatre was amazing, it was my first time to try drama. We met each others, and work with each others, as strangers, and we became friends. Our director Pascal was really lovely and humorous, I had a great time with him and everyone. Also, old Jaffa was so beautiful, I love it and I feel so pleasure to have chance to perform there.”

Hagar (DP1): “I went to Italy, France, Malta and Spain with my family for vacation, and I had so much fun there. I have experienced such an amazing time there and enjoyed Europe a lot!”

Adee (DP2): “I got the opportunity to go on an education trip to Poland and learn about the holocaust during the holiday.”