Day 1:

The first day of YOCOPAS was full of bonding activities within the family groups. We had the chance to connect with students from other countries by way of personal introduction, as well as interesting and fun activities. We had a workshop on Bkind, which is a social network for promoting acts of kindness.  We had an impressive opening ceremony, we heard inspiring speeches and enjoyed a musical performance.  And we had YOCO Talks, where interesting people come and share their stories.

Day 2:

We had three guest speakers for the panel discussing what we can learn from other world conflicts. The afternoon was devoted to workshops led by a variety of guest speakers in different fields, and students chose which workshops to attend in keeping with their personal interests.  We ended the day with a hot disco party and we all had so much fun.

Day 3:

On the third day of the YOCOPAS conference, participants had an amazing opportunity to plan, create and implement their own projects. Before starting, students attended a workshop delivered by organizational advisor Haya Amzaleg-Bahr.

Through a total of 4 sessions, participants were guided through the process of creating their project, from defining needs and setting goals to evaluating if the projects were practical or not. The students presented their projects in a session that was very impressive, and the projects really showed that everyone was very enthusiastic about their goals and different ideas for ways of improving society.

The winning projects were announced at the closing ceremony:  “Running for Equality”, “Teddy Bears Crossing Borders” and “Together For You”. They will all be provided 750 dollars in seed money to actually start the projects! This is a big move because it not only embraces the idea of YOCOPAS but puts in into practice in reality.

Now that the third annual YOCOPAS conference has come to an end, the organizing committee hopes that the conference has provided practical and meaningful insights to participants. We are looking forward to YOCOPAS 2018 -!