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“Welcome” is the word you will hear most at EMIS. We will be delighted to answer any of your questions and guide you through the application process. Our application is entirely online. Click on the buttons above whether you want to apply for a place, or if you are simply interested in finding out more information. We are always here to help if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit.

As a boarding school, we know that all children are different and would ideally like to meet you and your child, allow you to experience the school, and get to know you all so that we fully understand your needs. However, we have students from over 40 countries already studying with us, so we know that it isn’t always easy to come and visit the school. This is why we have created a process where you can find out everything you need to know about the school from our website.

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We look forward to welcoming you.
Maya Kogan-Elias, Director of Admissions | [email protected]

News & Events

Peace Simulation by Charney center 10/03/2020, Events
Peace Simulation by Charney center
Green Team – Green-Up 20/02/2020, Mission
Green Team – Green-Up
EMIS MUN delegation 17/02/2020, Accomplishment
EMIS MUN delegation
EMIS cultural week 19/01/2020, CAS
EMIS cultural week
Science Week 19/11/2019, Events
Science Week
Olive Day 12/11/2019, Mission
Olive Day
YOCOPAS: Extending the EMIS Experience 28/10/2019, Mission
YOCOPAS: Extending the EMIS Experience
EMIS opened the regional IB conference in the UK 01/10/2019, Accomplishment
EMIS opened the regional IB conference in the UK
Art trip to Jerusalem 24/09/2019, Art
Art trip to Jerusalem
Diplomacy Day 23/09/2019, Events
Diplomacy Day
EMIS Art Class meeting the artist Dani Karavan 20/09/2019,
EMIS Art Class meeting the artist Dani Karavan
FridaysForFuture 18/09/2019, Mission
Opening Ceremony 2019 – 08/09/2019, Events
Opening Ceremony 2019 –
Creating change with ART! 31/07/2019,
Creating change with ART!
Graduation 2019 28/05/2019, Events
Graduation 2019
African cultural week 03/02/2019, CAS
African cultural week
EMIS Music Group 23/01/2019,
EMIS Music Group
Students and Staff Protest Violence Against Women 04/12/2018, Events
Students and Staff Protest Violence Against Women
Celebrating Teacher’s Appreciation Day 27/11/2018, Events
Celebrating Teacher’s Appreciation Day
Science Week 21/11/2018,
Science Week
Communities days 21/11/2018, Mission
Communities days
Eilat Trip 28/03/2019, Students Life
Eilat Trip
EMIS Peace Talk Simulation 20/02/2019, Mission
EMIS Peace Talk Simulation
EMIS MUN Club 17/02/2019, Accomplishment
Latin American Cultural Week 07/11/2018, Students Life
Latin American Cultural Week
YOCOPAS 02/11/2018, CAS
New Jersey Governor Murphy Visited EMIS 23/10/2018, Guest Speaker
New Jersey Governor Murphy Visited EMIS
Field Trip to the North 18/10/2018,
Field Trip to the North
Street-Art Tour in Tel Aviv 15/10/2018, Events
Street-Art Tour in Tel Aviv
Principal Gili Speaks at “Women Build Inclusive Societies” Conference 12/10/2018, Mission
Principal Gili Speaks at “Women Build Inclusive Societies” Conference
CAS Fair 08/10/2018, CAS
CAS Fair
Women Wage Peace 22/09/2018, Mission
Women Wage Peace
Science Night at Tel Aviv University 06/09/2018, CAS
Science Night at Tel Aviv University
Mission Day 28/08/2018, Mission
Mission Day
New Students Arrive to Israel 27/08/2018, Events
New Students Arrive to Israel
Good Deeds Day 04/07/2018,
Good Deeds Day
Rock for a Cause – EMIS Charity Concert 01/07/2018,
Rock for a Cause – EMIS Charity Concert
EMIS Class of 2018 Graduation 30/05/2018, Accomplishment
EMIS Class of 2018 Graduation
Visit to TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries 24/05/2018,
Visit to TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries
Rock for a Cause 24/05/2018, Events
Rock for a Cause
EMIS GreenStream wins Startup Funds 02/05/2018, Mission
EMIS GreenStream wins Startup Funds
Teddy Bears Crossing Borders 15/04/2018, CAS
Teddy Bears Crossing Borders
TAU Science Trip 20/03/2018, Traveling
TAU Science Trip
ESS Students and Green Team Trip 09/12/2017, Traveling
ESS Students and Green Team Trip
Macbeth 13/11/2017, Students Life
YOCOPAS Opening Ceremony 01/11/2017, Mission
YOCOPAS Opening Ceremony
YOCOPAS Conference 2017 27/10/2017, Students Life
YOCOPAS Conference 2017
Yad Vashem Trip 23/10/2017, Traveling
Yad Vashem Trip
Sukkot Holiday 20/10/2017, Holidays
Sukkot Holiday
Haifa Trip 07/10/2017, Traveling
Haifa Trip
University Week 16/09/2017, Guest Speaker
University Week
EMIS White Night 25/09/2017, Events
EMIS White Night
CAS Fair 12/09/2017, Mission
CAS Fair

Recent coverage and press mentions

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DEBRIEF | Israeli & Palestinian students aim for what their leaders could never achieve
Tower of Babel is a bridge
Israelis, Palestinians and internationals share dorms and negotiate peace
interview to TAMAR KANER – student at EMIS
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“Times of Israel” article on the diversity in EMIS school program
Education Beyond Borders
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Our annual school trip
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6 Nations
Cool and fun stuff to do and enjoy this week
The green village is a part of the global village
Yarkon basin trip with Eco peace
the right way for the real life
Education as a platform
the first ever emis world cafe
annual school trip dp1 & cambridge
i had a dream
The Vietnamese Connection
our 3 religion trip
A peace of a day
the yocopas conference in gaza
The 3rd annual yocopas conference 2017

Our world of dance


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Excerpt from the “Twin Tower Syndrome", created in protestation of violence and survival of hope. Choreography: Sonia D’Orleans Juste, Canada-Israel Music: Composed and performed by ORLIKA, edited by Didi Erez Dancers: modern class - level 2

EMIS Dance Department

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Moving is a state of being in motion and in the EMIS Dance Department, being in motion is a whole life style. Here is a video capturing segments of these movements like a blinking eye or flashing camera. Just like in these situations, there is so much more happening that what can be seen with a naked eye. Join the EMIS Dance department and become like us, become a Mover and become a Human Of Motion.

A group of individuals

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In a group, not a part of the group. Choreography: Syuzi Iskandaryan, Armenia Original music: No church in the wild / Kayne West Dancers: Yael Sharabi, Israel, Carla Abello, Spain, Shir Sivan, Israel, Elena Horlau, Germany, JUNG WOO LEE (Jung), Korea

Principal's speech
Gili Roman & Siseko Bango

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EMIS annual dance performance | Suzenne Dellal dance center, Tel-Aviv ~Principal's speech~ Gili Roman, Israel and Siseko Bango, South Africa

A student race

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“Change landscape into addresses and vague memories into fixed dates” (Szymborska) Choreography: Danielle Gallia-Kind, Israel Music: La boheme: Che gelida manina / Puccini Dancers: Modern class - level 1

The Nelken Line

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Choreography: Pina Bausch Dancers: All

Shaheed (‘Martyr”)

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A Martyr (Arabic: shaheed) is a person who suffers or is killed because of their religious or political belief. Choreography: Zain Al Qalawi, Palestine Music: Cavalry / Mashrou Leila Dancers: Avia Joel-Israel, Jeries Handal-Palestine, Wilda Wilund, Sweden

Open book

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My process of learning to live with my perfectionism Choreography and performance: Shir Sivan, Israel Speaking: Layaar Awad, Palestine

Mixer 1: Dabka Master & Acharuli gandagana dance

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Dabka Masters / Nader Alghoul / Music: Ahmed Menhem / Dancer: Maher Mickel, Palestine Acharuli gandagana/ folk dance /music: acharuli popuri / dancers: Syuzi Iskandaryan, Armenia, Nini Shermadini, Georgia

Mixer 2: ​

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A dance technique & performance course based on videos and peer-reviewed feedback. Course creator and teacher: Danielle Gallia-Kind.
You should see me in a crown/ Jojo Gomez/Music: Billie Eilish/ Dancer; Faris Ansari/ India Complications / Sebastian Forslund / Music: Sebastian Forslund / Dancer: Mika Dagay, Israel Love in the Dark / Kyle Hanagami/ Music: Leroy Sanchez / Dancers: Zain Al Qalawi, Palestine, Shir Sivan, Israel Big Bank / Tricia Miranda / Music: YG / Dancer: Daginaa Rozenberg, Mongolia Uptown Funk / Junsun Yoo / Music: Bruno Mars / Dancer: Xichun Sun (Sam), China Sweet but Psycho /Mina Myoung/ Music:Ava Max/ Dancer: JUNG WOO LEE (Jung), Korea Sicko mode/ May Azouri - Dancity/ Music: Travis Scott/ Dancer: Yahali dreamer, Israel That's what I like/ Vinh Nguyen/ music: Bruno Mars/ Dancer: Emanuele Granero, Italy **Thanks you Noa Manor, for honest your part in it.