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As a boarding school, we know that all children are different and would ideally like to meet you and your child, allow you to experience the school and get to know you all so that we fully understand your needs. However, we have students from over 40 countries already studying with us, so we know that it isn’t always easy to come and visit the school. This is why we have created a process where you can find out everything you need to know about the school from our website.

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Hear more about EMIS from our students, alumni, parents and staff themselves!

Students and Alumni​

"EMIS has absolutely been the enabling factor for succeeding at university and beyond. On an academic level, the skills and knowledge acquired through the IB allowed me to easily transition to university. On a personal level, the lessons I learned from experiences at EMIS helped me improve myself and try to better the lives of those around me."​
Mario, Class of 19'
"Everywhere I am, I find myself using the tools I got from my EMIS experience. Whether it’s related to living with people, solving problems, or organizing events, networking, and leading initiatives. EMIS was an integral part of my life, and so far the most 2 meaningful years in my life!"
Keren, Class of 18'
"After returning to Georgia, I started a project packaging locally farmed goods in a more sustainable way to supply to Georgian markets. The knowledge and experience I gained in my two years at EMIS through entrepreneurship, economics, and ESS lessons really helped me."
Nini, Class of 20'
"I am proud to say that EMIS was a watershed in my life - I made unforgettable memories and gained a family and a place to call home."
Luiz, Class of 17'
"Thanks to the intensity of the IB, I developed personal excellence and self-organization which now helps me to handle many responsibilities. Additionally, the atmosphere of support for student initiatives helped me to build confidence and dream big which now empower me to pursue bold goals in the real world."
Benjamin, Class of 18'
"My days at EMIS were numbered. Each day and each moment could be felt more immensely than any other day. From the lowest to the highest points, EMIS was an integral part of me. It was a journey with hardships, growths, friendships, and unimaginable memories. I learned how to be resilient and passionate about who I am and what I believe in. I was able to explore so many opportunities from learning Computer Science to performing at a full-scale Dance performance. At EMIS, I was given an opportunity that doesn’t come around… ever."
Zain, Class of 20'
"EMIS for me is not only a school; it represents 3 years of adolescence in a foreign country with the most beautiful and the most impressive people from all over the world."
Momo, Class of 19'
"I can contentedly say that my experience at EMIS was one of the most important things that I went through in life and today, I cherish every moment and everything I was able to experience and learn from my time there."
Ilay, Class of 20'
"At EMIS, I discovered new passions, was amazed by the cultural exchange, and made friends that I know I will have for the rest of my life. I can say with all the joy in my heart that this experience is unique, and I would recommend it to anyone ready to discover more about themselves and the rest of the world."
Beatriz, Class of 20'
"EMIS helped me be more open and forward when meeting new people and really got me to break out of my shell. I got to voice my ideas and opinions in a new light, and I carry that confidence in my life even now. I really feel like I became a better version of myself since EMIS. I'll always be thankful for the family I found there."
Andrée-Anne, Class of 17'
"Through the CAS program as well as my involvement in the close-knit EMIS community, I developed a passion for people and giving back to the community. Living with students from around the world gave me a new understanding of diversity and knowledge of cultures which has connected me to people and places in a much deeper way."
Isabella, Class of 18'
"I’m currently serving in the IDF in the International Cooperation Division. Most of my work involves liaison with foreigners, which EMIS has prepared me for through countless encounters and experiences with people from different cultures than my own."
Emanuelle, Class of 18'


“Mailin is living such a unique experience I wish any student could share it. Learning and living together with friends from all over the world proves to be immensely inspiring and enriching to her both personally and academically. Differences in dress, habits, traditions, or rituals among the students are simply accepted as the other one’s way of being, an experience of global importance in today’s conflict-laden world. Joining EMIS has been her best decision and we are so proud to see her develop her full potential thanks to the great support provided by the whole EMIS community.”
Anneken, Mailin's mother, '22
"The two years at EMIS have been an extremely valuable experience for my son, both academically and personally. Being a student at EMIS allowed him to widen his perspective and fortify his tools to implement his own ideas. Living in the EMIS community not only made him grow and mature under good guidance, but it made him become a curious and self-confident young man who wants to do his part in the world. We were very pleased with the way EMIS involved us parents along this educational journey and I am confident that he will not only be more aware of the complexities of the world, but also able to address issues and empowered to turn his visions into reality."
Ines, Jaime's mother, '20
"As a mom, I encourage parents to support their children when applying to this school. I witnessed a major character development in my son throughout his 2-year journey. The school’s diversity and the importance of the mission build up a unique environment that was only of benefit to my son. This experience strengthened his personality in various aspects including socially, culturally, and academically."
Rosaline, Maher's mother, '21